#LUCFR 2020 Crowd Funding

LUCFR are excited to announce the launch of their 2020 Crowd Funder project, aiming to fundraise essential funds for our training equipment used for responder training and community engagement activities.

We have set an ambitious aim of £1000, which will allow us to purchase CPR mannequins and a training defibrillator. We believe that investing in training equipment will allow us to maintain excellent standards across our 999 responders, whilst also running sessions for our local community, teaching life saving skills.

During this Crowd Funder project, as a huge thank you for your generosity, we have secured some rewards which can be sent to you.

Crowd Funding Rewards:

  • Pledge £5 or more = Receive a cool pin badge to say that you are proud to support the LUCFR scheme!
  • Pledge £30 or more = Receive an awesome window sticker showing your support.
  • Pledge £50 or more = Receive a shiny new mug sporting our logo to show your support.
  • Pledge £150 or more = We will provide a 2 hour adult CPR awareness session for up to 6 people

Thank you for all of your continued support. A link to our donation page is below.