About Us

Who We Are

#LUCFR is a volunteer Leicester CFR scheme based within the city centre area, which has been started to reduce the time taken for life-saving treatment to be initiated for local people suffering from medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests, convulsions and unconsciousness. The volunteers of the scheme are all students of the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, who are trained to respond by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) NHS Trust.

What is a CFR?

A community first responder (CFR) is a volunteer who gives up their spare time to respond to 999 calls for the ambulance service, in addition to a traditional ambulance being dispatched. As community first responders are ordinary people within the local community, they are often much closer to incidents when the initial 999 calls are made, therefore reducing the time taken for life-saving treatment to begin.

As a volunteer Leicester CFR group, we rely on donations to keep us on the road – if you would like to support us, please click here.

Meet The Team

#LUCFR Committee:

Oliver Coleman
Stuart Evans
Kieran Duignan
. .
Adam Hurt
Marketing & Communications Lead
Jonathan Ince
Training Lead
Alex Scarbro
Fundraising Lead
Rosie Parnham
Welfare Lead

#LUCFR Responders:

Aaron Nijher
Adam Petch
Alex Scarbro
Charlotte Taylor
Christian Tang
Emily Wragby
Emma Foote
Emma Treharne
Farhaana Surti
Gaurika Puri
Jack Higgins
James Tawn
Jane Dixon
Joanna Cac
Katie Gardner
Khadijah Iqbal
Kirandeep Bhavra
Laraib Sidd.
Matthew Bainbridge
Mark Gerlis
Nabilah Sani-Omolori
Narmathan Rajeswaran
Nathan Hancock
Oliver Blake
Rob Flather
Rosie Parnham
Solene Long
Stephanie Cramp
Thomas Burnell
Tobin Jardine